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       Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, Chennai, is serving more than 670 orphan and poor students with free education, food and accommodation. It has three free educational institutions -- a Residential High School, a Residential Polytechnic College and a Primary Day School. Students Home was started in 1905 by Swami Ramakrishnananda, a direct disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna.

       Students Home takes care of poor orphan and destitute boys selected mostly from remote rural areas. Students stay in the Orphanage Home and study in High School and Polytechnic College. Currently there are about 670 students in residence. In Primary School, boys and girls from the local community are admitted as day scholars.

       Home helps only orphan and poor students who cannot afford education. It combines the ancient Gurukula system with modern technology under the care of monks of the Ramakrishna Order and dedicated teachers. The Orphanage Home inculcates character building and man making education to its students and thus able to produce citizens of high calibre every year.

       It functions with the generous donations contributed by charitable people and institutions. Donations, Contributions, Sponsorships or Scholarship and Educational help given to the Students Home are exempted from Income Tax in India. Donors can contribute Income Tax Exempted Donations u/s 80G of Income Tax 1961 for educating orphan and poor children. Online Donations are accepted.

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