Ramakrishna Mission Students Home Activities

Ramakrishna Mission Students Home Activities

     As envisaged by Swami Vivekananda, the guiding principles for bringing up the boys include a blending of western science with eastern culture.

From 4.30 a.m. when the boys wake up till their bed time at 10 p.m. the boys go about in a well regulated set of activities. Besides their regular upkeep such as bathing and washing clothes, the routine consists of food, study, religion classes, prayer, garden work, play, etc.,

     All inmates are looked after by monastic wardens and ward masters. Many teachers live in the residential quarters adjoining the Home and participate in the activities of the Home thus setting a pattern for Gurukula system of education.

     Special emphasis is laid on character building and harmonious development of the body, mind and heart. The boys get up early and do physical exercises between 4.30 and 5.00 a.m. The Home has a gymnasium. Every day the play sports and games in the playground and indoor games rooms.

     The senior and junior boys have separate prayer halls where they do Arati, Bhajans and Prayers along with Vedic and Bhagavad Gita Chanting every morning and evening.

     Almost all activities of the Home, like cleaning, washing, upkeep of the surroundings, serving of food in the dining halls, maintenance of the gardens, management of the stores, maintenance of electrical installations, computers and water pumps, library management etc., are carried out by the boys themselves under the overall supervision of the wardens and teachers. This helps them to develop a respect for manual work and realize the dignity of labour.

     Special care is devoted to the health of the inmates. We have a kitchen with modern facilities and twp spacious dining halls for the students. In addition to healthy food three times a day and tiffin in the evening, boys are given milk with nutramul every morning and night.

     The Home has Medical Wards to accommodate boys who fall sick. Two doctors visit the medical wards regularly to take care of sick. Boys carry out many of the attendant duties in caring for the sick and in the process get training in health care. The Charitable Dispensary attached to Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, is also giving treatment to our boys in times of necessity. Serious cases are referred to local government or private hospitals. Periodic Medical Camps are also conducted for the boys.

     Teachers and ward masters supervise the study of their wards during prescribed hours and provide guidance and coaching where necessary. Special coaching is being provided for students appearing for S.S.L.C. examination every day. In addition to numerous Guest Lecture sessions on technical topics, the final year polytechnic college students are trained in communication and aptitude skills to get suitable jobs in campus interviews

     To encourage talent, various competitions are conducted and prizes for the competitions and general proficiency are given on the Home Day.

     The Home has well-equipped Libraries with books on various subjects, suited to various age groups of the inmates. The Library gets a number of periodicals and newspapers on complimentary basis. The Hindu, Indian Express, Dina Thanthi, Dinamalar and Dinamani are kind enough to send copies of their dailies to the Home free of cost.

     Each dormitory has television sets. The boys watch programmes of educational and cultural interest and selected programmes of entertainment.