100% Income Tax Free Donations |Help Orphan, Poor, Destitute Children Education |35AC 80GGA 80G Donations, Sponsorships | Orphanage Home in Chennai, India

How can you help theInstitution?

Donations in Kind can cover one or more of the following:

Equipments for Polytechnic College

  • Mechanical Engineering - New or Old Machinery, parts, instruments etc
  • Automobile Engineering - New or used vehicles or parts, testing or repairing equipment etc
  • Computer Engineering Department - New or used PCs, Laptops and Network devices etc

Donation in kind of consumer items like

  • Rice, Pulses, Wheat, Oil, Milk, and other provisions, fruits, sweets
  • Uniform dress, Carpets, Mats, Bed sheets, Pillows
  • Soaps, Detergents
  • Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Tooth Brush etc.
  • Notebooks, Calculators, Stationery items etc.
  • Medicines
  • Sports goods like balls, bats etc

Donations for the day-to-day running of the Institution. Program

ANNADANAM DETAILS 2017-2018 Program

Menu Total Boys Per Boy Rs. Total Rs.
Breakfast 700 12 8,400
Lunch(Ordinary) 700 18 12,600
Lunch with Fruits 700 22(18 + 4) 15,400
Lunch with Sweets 700 24(18 + 6) 16,800
Lunch with Sweets & Fruits 700 28(18 + 4 + 6) 19,600
Evening Tiffin 700 6 4,200
Dinner(Ordinary) 700 13 9,100

     We give below the expenses we are to incur for maintaining and Educating an Orphan Poor boy in our Home during the year 2017-2018.

Section Institute & Extracurricular Books & Stationary Uniform 3 Sets Boarding & Lodging Total Rupees
Residential High School Std VI to X 6,000 1,200 1,500 15,800 24,500
Residential Polytechnic College 12,000 3,000 1,800 19,500 36,300
Primary School 1,500       1,500

Endowments (Permanent Fund), the proceeds of which could pay for maintaining one or more of the inmates.

     An Endowment is created by the donor(s) in the Students Home for a specific purpose agreed to by both the donor and the Students Home. The principal amount shall be invested in fixed deposits to remain intact in perpetuity. The income accrues from the endowment investment shall be spent for the purpose the endowment was created.

     The donor can give any name to the endowment. Normally endowments are named after donor’s parents or relatives or friends. Donors can create endowment with any amount of money. They can add various amounts to the endowment at any time.

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